Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nonfiction Text Features Assignment

Ladies and Gentlemen,

 Today we are asking you to create a blog post for Nonfiction Text Features. Nonficition text features are used with a purpose. Your task today is to create a drawing for at least 5 different text features and explain the purpose of each feature. These drawings will then be inserted into a presentation that will be embedded onto your blog. Since we have not yet used drawings, you will create the first one alongside your teacher. After you have created your drawing, your teacher will show you how to insert that drawing into your presentation. The presentation template has already been made for you. You will access this template through Google Classroom - Reading.

Be sure that you are following along quietly and paying attention. If you get behind you will have to wait for the teacher to finish to come and help you.

Push your thinking Dragons!

-Ms. Chavez, Mr. Priester, and Mrs. Moreno

 Before we get started, do you have questions?

 Step 1: Please open three more tabs. You will also need your Nonfiction Text from yesterday in which your flagged text features.

  • Tab 1: Google Drive
  • Tab 2: Google Classroom
  • Tab 3: Blogger
Step 2: In your Google Drive Tab go to your Classroom Folder. Then go into your Reading Folder (this step you will follow along with the teacher).
  • Create new Google Drawing
  • Title it: Nonfiction Text Feature: Heading
  • Insert: image
    • Select: Take a Snap Shot: You may need to grant Google Drawings access to your Webcam.
    • Take snapshopt of a page where the text feature is present. Be sure that no faces can be seen in the picture.
  • Once the image has been inserted, it is time to label the text feature. Your teacher will show you how to do this.
Step 3: Insert the image into your Google Presentation
  • Go to the slide you want the image on.
  • Insert - image -google drive
  • Select Image
  • Title the Slide: Name of Text Feature
  • Purpose: Where the slide says purpose, explain the purpose of the text feature.
Step 4: Embed Slide show on your Blog
  • Go to Blogger
  • Go to your Learning Blog
  • Create New Post
  • Title Post: Nonfiction Text Features
  • Address Audience
  • Go to Presentation Tab
    • File - Publish to the Web
      • Embed
      • Slide Size: Small
      • Auto Advance Slides: Every 15 seconds
      • Select boxes: Start Slideshow and Restart Slideshow
      • Select Blue Publish button
      • Copy Embed Code
  • Return to blogger tab
    • Selecd HTML button
    • Paste Embed Code
    • Select Compose Button
    • Select Orange Publish Button
  • Your slideshow should now be on your blog
Step 5: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the next four text features of your choosing.

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